Awaken Your Life is the only 200-hour master coach training program that also changes your life.

Created by master coach, Andrea Leda, this intimate program was built to teach you the path of transformation from the inside out. Are you ready to join our next cohort? 

Open to just 8 new students per training.

It's your time

I call this work The Way and it's an invitation to walk within. This work is a practice, a dedication, and an adventure to the depth of your whole self. 

Walking in The Way is a metaphor for moving closer to seeing the world with a more balanced lens.

Photo by Clara Johnson

Photo by Clara Johnson

Together, we will walk five paths within – the mind, the heart, the crown, the ground, and transformation.

Some of the most daring terrain lies within your own heart and mind. Because it isn’t the way the world is that affects you, but the way you are that affects the world. And this is created with your own hands, your own thoughts, your own heartbeat, and your own neurons.

You are a modern Wayfinder and this path you’re walking, this pilgrimage to the heart of your life, is your Way.

A Wayfinder is a person who points others toward a right life, a full life, and even helps them walk through their own transformation. In essence, they help you get on your own path toward self-actualization or enlightenment. This is what you’ll walk out of this year doing.

Before you can teach the way, you have to walk the way. And not just any way: your way. 

This is what is means to Awaken Your Life.


The Five Ways

Way of Transformation.png

The Way of Transformation

Your job is to help people increase choice. Translate your vision and your work in a way that helps people transform their life by opening what is possible. The Way of Transformation will prepare you for creating a container with your work that helps people shift their life. Learn the very principles I use to be a powerful coach and change-leader.


Way of the Mind.png

The Way of the Mind

Your mental life, or thought life, is your director. This is the part of your brain that thinks rationally and logically. Understand how your stories affect the way you see the world and the choices you actively make. Change is a direct threat to this part of you because change challenges what you know to be true. Learn how to navigate change without self-sabotage.  


Way of the Heart.png

The Way of the Heart

Your emotional life is your core. This is the part of your brain that houses your memory, key influential moments, and makes up meaning about your stories and the things that happen to you. Understand how your emotions affect how you see yourself and what you're capable of. Navigating change in your emotional life can mean letting go and changing your relationship to your past.


Way of the Ground.png

The Way of the Ground

Your physical life is your reality. This is not part of your brain, but rather what you manifest or create. Your physical life includes your body but is also anything that can take form like time, money, your home, etc. Understand how to read your physical life as feedback and then learn how to navigate change totally from the inside, out. 


Way of the Crown.png

The Way of the Crown

Your spiritual life is your source. This is not part of your brain but rather born out of pure potential. How you practice spirituality is personal. In this section you'll learn key concepts about the soul, consciousness, purpose, and how to develop a powerful relationship with your intuition. 

awaken your life coach training

The Awaken Your Life Difference:


The 'Five Ways' Model

Your curriculum navigates transformation through the five ways - Mental (Mind), Emotional (Heart), Physical (Ground), and Spiritual (Crown), and Transformational Coach Skills.

Master Coach Training

Learn the skills of an effective coach such as powerful questions, intuitive listening, human development models, setting the container, forwarding the action, and more.

Coaching Intensive

You aren't merely learning the work, you also embody it through intensive coaching each month and while on your retreats. This is the only master coaching training that is also designed to change your life.

Ethics & Tenets of Coaching

Learn the guiding principles for being a transformational practitioner and be supported by ethics that keep you in your client's best interest.

Neuroscience & Human Dynamics

We are walking story-tellers and story-creators. Learn how you're wired and how you perceive and respond to the world around you. 

Transformational Facilitation

Facilitating effective change is less about advising and more guidance and creating space for change to unfold organically. Learn how to facilitate powerful experiences no matter if you work 1:1 or in groups. 


Use meditation, journal writing, breath work, partner coaching, and retreat space for self-inquiry and exploration. This work is opening and awareness-building.

Hands-On Practicum

Integrate as you go by coaching from the beginning and throughout our year together. The year ends with a culminating project you'll lead at our final retreat.

Business Mentorship

Receive access to business mentoring throughout the year so you can confidently incorporate this work into a current business or create a new one.

Culminating Project

Finish your program with a 90-minute teaching you will create and take your cohort through during our graduation weekend.


I wanted the opportunity to go into all these topics at a much deeper level, to do the inner work for myself, to get the support I need through it, and to be able to do this same kind of work with other people. I didn't think I could have both the personal transformation exploration AND come away with the teachings to be able to do it with others until now. I feel like this is the best form of education anyone could ask for!

I learned that to spend an entire year on self-development and exploration is the biggest gift I can give to myself AND others. I learned that my desire and courage for knowing myself more deeply, having compassion for myself, and loving myself more is not only my personal work but it's ALSO my teaching. It's what I desire for everybody else too.

- Angie Louthan,



Green Line.png

Awaken Your Life is in process to be accredited through the Association for Coaching, a governing body recognized by the Global Coaching Mentoring Alliance (GCMA).

Upon completion you will graduate as a Certified AYL Master Life Coach and hold a ACCT (Accredited Certificate in Coach Training) from the Association for Coaching.


Your Program includes:


A 6-Day Opening Retreat

Enjoy the majestic Oregon Coast for 6 days to kick off our time together. Your in-residence training includes a private chef and a beautiful private home. 

Over 28 Awaken Your Life Classes

Meet weekly with Andrea Leda and special guests for 2-hours of training per topic in a video conference. There are 35 classes total. *Classes are recorded for future reference.

Four Day Culminating Project Weekend

To complete our 6 months, join your fellow cohort in Portland for 4 days to teach your culminating project, and attend a graduation dinner.

A 1-day Equine Facilitated Experience

During our culminating project weekend, experience horse whispering with a trained equine facilitator at Wild Horse Mustang Ranch outside Portland, OR.

An AYL Graduate Mentor

Get the support you need throughout the program with a graduate of the program who will provide practical guidance.

Awaken Your Life Workbook

Receive your workbook during our opening retreat complete with every topic, space to take notes, and journal pages. Download the first few pages here.

Built-in Practicum Sessions

Begin working with a client after our opening retreat and practice the work in class throughout the program.

Private Online Classroom & Forum

Get private student-only access to an online network including recorded classes, reflection boards, and an ongoing forum.

'Ask Andrea Anything'

Throughout the program you have total access to Andrea for questions, quick coaching, and support in your process.

Lifetime Course Access

Following completion of the program, you will have lifetime access to your classes and future classes.



About Andrea Leda

Andrea Leda FINAL 014.jpg

Dear Seeker,

I believe wholeheartedly in this work. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved helping others, although I never believed it would lead to my calling one day - I simply saw myself as someone who loved people and truly wanted the best for them.

It's comforting to know there are so many of us out there who are called to service. Although it takes many forms, I do believe we all have one thing in common: hope.

Hope is a powerful thing, because no matter what we experience or endure, or what we watch others endure, we don't lose faith that at our core we are good and will move toward goodness if given the chance to do so. This gets me out of bed every day. I also believe that wholeness is our birthright.

Over the past 13 years I've chosen to explore people. First as a social worker, then as a counselor, and for the past 8 years as a professional life coach. I don't just teach this stuff, I am a practitioner in my own life and in my coaching practice.

Through more than 5,000 one-to-one conversations I can say that what we most desire is to know our life matters and that we are seen and heard. It isn't complicated, and yet this simple desire seems to elude most of us.

No matter your goal in doing this work, I hope you follow your calling to serve.

Light and love,

As seen in_andrea leda.png