200 Hour Training, 6 Months

Awaken Your Life is a comprehensive 'zero gaps' program. We are the only 200-hour master coach training that is also designed to change your life.

Your program includes in-depth course material, a hands-on practicum, mentoring, coaching intensives, and business building.


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Class Days & Times

In addition to our in-residence retreats, meet weekly with Andrea Leda and special guests for 2-hours of training per topic in a video conference. There are 28 classes total. *Classes are recorded for future reference.

Fall classes are Thursdays from 3-5pm PT

*We meet one Tuesday per month for peer practice



The Way of Transformation Part One

November 11-16, 2019 - Opening Retreat


We start the program with a full week on preparing yourself and the people you serve for deep change.

Topics include:

Transformation in the Modern World

Five Ways Model


Intuitive Listening

Alchemy of Powerful Questions, Part 1

Steps to a Coaching Session

Setting the Coaching Container

Pre-Suppositions of Coaching

Model of the World

Roots to Fruits Method

8 Tenets of Rapport Building

Meet in the Moment

Attachment with CLients

Self-Care & Empathy Fatigue

Staying Connected to Your Cause


The Way of Transformation Part 2

November 21

December 5, 10*, 12, 19

Following our opening retreat, The Way of Transformation is taught through the full program and integrated into every topic.

Topics Include:

Introduction to Tools & Techniques

Alchemy of Powerful Questions Pt. 2

Compassionate Communication

Model of the World: Language

Non-Judgment with Clients

Limiting Beliefs

Explanation vs. Exploration

Crossing the Threshold

Failure as Innovation


The Way of the Mind

Jan 2, 9, 14*, 16

Your mental life, or thought life, is your director. This is the part of your brain that thinks rationally and logically. Understand how your stories affect the way you see the world and the choices you actively make. Change is a direct threat to this part of you because change challenges what you know to be true. Learn how to navigate change without self-sabotage.  

Lt Green Line - LG.png

Topics Include:

Anatomy of your Story

Rewrite Your Story

Parts Integration

Somatic Release Therapy™

Your story as Your teacher


Six Human Drivers

Empowerment vs. Disempowerment

Thought Life vs. Observer Life

Fear of Failure


Seasons of Life


The Way of the Heart

January 23, 30

February 6, 11*, 13

Your emotional life is your core. This is the part of your brain that houses your memory, key influential moments, and makes up meaning about your stories and the things that happen to you. Understand how your emotions affect how you see yourself and what you're capable of. Navigating change in your emotional life can mean letting go and changing your relationship to your past.

Topics Include:

Navigating Emotional Life

Core Negative Emotions

Key Life Moments

Gestalt Threads





Compassionate Communication



Crossing the Threshold

Radical Acceptance

Wholehearted Permission

Forgiveness & Loving-Kindness


The Way of the Ground

February 20, 27

March 5, 10*, 12, 19, 26

Your physical life is your reality. This is not part of your brain, but rather what you manifest or create. Your physical life includes your body but is also anything that can take form like time, money, your home, etc. Understand how to read your physical life as feedback and then learn how to navigate change totally from the inside, out. 

Topics Include:

Neuroscience 101: The Body And The Brain

Neurological Self

How Threat Shows Up In The Body

The Threat Bucket

Physiological Self

Physiological Health

Psychological Self

Environment & Energy

Goal Ecology

Problem Solving

Language Patterns



The Way of the Crown

April 2, 9, 14*, 23, 30

Your spiritual life is your source. This is not part of your brain but rather born out of pure potential. How you practice spirituality is personal. In this section you'll learn key concepts about the soul, consciousness, purpose, and how to develop a powerful relationship with your intuition. 

Topics Include:

Cycle of Energy

Answering Your Calling

Following Your Bliss

The Inner Teacher

Psychology of Chakra system

Meditation, affirmation & visualization

Intuition & Heart Mind

Pure Potentiality


Masculine & Feminine 

Light & Shadow

Release, Integration, and Moving Forward

Business of Coaching

May 14, 21, 28

We wrap our program with three classes dedicated to the business of coaching. This is in addition to ongoing business mentoring and Awaken Your Practice which is included in this program.

Topics Include:

Getting & Keeping Clients

Designing Your Business Model

Money - Receiving and Keeping


Back End Systems & Organization

Peer Practice

10 hours

 Over our 6 months together you will practice transformational coaching with your fellow cohort. This is built into your monthly classes, we meet one Tuesday per month.

Pro Bono Client

12 Hours

You will begin working with a pro-bono client following our opening retreat. You will meet with this client twice per month for 6 months (May-November).

Culminating Project

90 Minutes

In Awaken Your Life there is no final test. During our graduation weekend you will walk your fellow cohort through a 90-minute transformative experience that demonstrates your understanding of the material and your own personal shift because of the program. 

Private Mentoring

6 Hours

Meet with Andrea for 6 hours of private mentoring over the course of the program. These sessions can be focused on your practice, business, or your life.

Equine Facilitated Leadership

4 Hours

Join our cohort during our graduation weekend for a half-day Equine Group Experience at Wild Horse Mountain Ranch, a non-profit rescue facility for mustangs. Be lead by guest teacher and master coach, Jesse Johnson through a powerful integration day to compliment our time together.

Opening Retreat

44 Hours

Your immersive retreat is 6 days and on the majestic Oregon Coast. We stay in a beautiful private home which includes a live-in private chef who will prepare three organically sourced meals per day.

Graduation Weekend

May 7-10, 2020 | Portland, OR

To commemorate our program, we meet for a 4-day graduation weekend in Portland, Oregon. This weekend includes your half-day Equus intensive, teaching your culminating project, a graduation circle, and a final night celebration dinner catered by our chef, Zachary Mazi. 

Through the unique structure of this program, the teachings, and the coaching and mentorship, I discovered a piece of myself that has been missing for longer than I can remember. Andrea helped me dream again, tap into my intuition, be proud of my unique voice and gifts, and realize that I am pure potential. As a thinking woman in a heart-centered program, I’ve learned that my grounded, process-oriented voice has a place in the world and that I have a calling that is desperate to be heard. I have found the strength to get uncomfortable because I got pushed to take risks with myself. And, unlike other coach trainings and learnings I have attended, I found a real live community - a tribe of people that inspire me and I’ll be forever connected with. Only Andrea’s program, with the intimate enrollment, curated in-person experiences, variety of practice sessions, and breadth of content could have inspired such a connection. This experience modeled for me what great coaching looks like, and I can only hope to pay it forward. Thanks to Andrea and Chris for changing my life.
— Jessica Lackey, www.jessicalackey.com