The Only 200-Hour Master Coach Training That Will Change Your Life

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IT'S your TIME.



Who is this for?

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Practitioners, leaders, professionals, and destined healers, it's your time.

Whether your goal is to become a full-time coach, lead retreats, facilitate transformative experiences, incorporate coaching into an existing career, or transform your own life by dedicating 9 months to walking inward, Awaken Your Life is for you.



Why Awaken Your Life?

We are the only 200-hour master coach training that is also designed to change your life.

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I learned so much this year and I also had an amazing time with a community of inspiring humans. There is no one that I would rather learn from and I am so damn proud of myself for trusting myself and saying YES to this experience. I absolutely LOVE this work, talking about transformation, how to change and improve our lives and help others do the same. Thank you for believing in yourself enough to say YES to creating this and making it a reality.

Sitting in a beautiful retreat house with a view of the ocean, eating amazing food, having inspired conversations, getting to dive in and ask all the questions - THAT is how I learn and I am so grateful to have a teacher who gets how people learn AND knows how to teach, guide, inspire and integrate the learning.
— Marli Williams,

Words cannot express how much Andrea and this program changed my life. I came into the program seeking a heart-centered outlet, as I spend all of my time in my “head” and in a toxic corporate environment, and I knew this program would help me force space to connect to myself. I knew I would learn more about coaching skills from the way of the heart and spirit but had no expectation of how much I would grow over the past 6 months. I am in a completely different place with my coaching: I have founded and expanded my business, become a much more well-rounded coach, and have gained confidence in myself and my process as a coach. All important things!
— Jessica Lackey,

retreat Learning

Spend one week on retreat to kick off our 200 hours together.

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200-Hour Curriculum

Awaken Your Life is a 'Zero Gaps' program. Your 200-hour training includes in-depth course material, a hands-on practicum, coaching intensives, mentoring, and business building.

Awaken Your Life Book

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Watch a 'Taste of Awaken your life' class, with Andrea

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